We offer a comprehensive service including advice and most vaccinations at a very competitive price. Please make plans and see us so that the appropriate vaccinations can be given in time for them to be effective while you are overseas.

 Now a Yellow Fever registered clinic, West Pennant Hills Centre can administer both overseas and local vaccinations for your convenience. Our practice nurse can visit your workplace to do this as required or your staff can visit our clinic by appointment.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programs should be performed in May/June as the vaccines take up to two weeks to become effective. Unfortunately, the virus changes each year, thus, vaccinations are required at 12 monthly intervals. Meanwhile, before travelling overseas, it’s important to check as soon as possible if you need a travel vaccination, and if so, we can administer this for you.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, Europe or anywhere local or overseas, and would like to have traveller vaccinations prior to your trip, or would like to know about ‘Dos and Don’ts’ during your stay,or  if you have any health concern after your journey, doctors at WPH Medical Centre can help you.

Our medical practitioners can offer you

  • Departure counselling
  • Traveller’s vaccinations custom-made to your destination
  • Malaria prophylaxis
  • Post-travelling health (e.g. : traveller’s diarrhoea)

Medical Centre offers immunisation services such as

  • Yellow fever immunisation
  • Routine childhood immunisation
  • Traveler’s immunisations
  • Annual influenza immunisation
  • Immunisations for special group of people such as patients with chronic medical condition, splenectomy patients, chronic renal failure, etc.,
  • Corporate immunisations

For further information regarding your future company medical needs, speak to our practice/office manager or the registered nurse on duty

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